Planning a Camping Trip for All the Family

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Best Camping Equipment: 6 Cool Camping Gears and Supplies

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Are you ready for your adventure in the wild? Before you start your trip, it is essential to note all the camping equipment you need. Camping stores are full of a wide array of supplies, and you can be carried away easily. You might buy unwanted gears, and probably leave out the most crucial ones.  The specific camping gears are chosen depending on several factors. These include their quality level, camping duration, weather and of course, the budget. Read More»

How to Determine Whether You Can Take Your Family Dog to a Holiday Park

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You and your family work hard throughout the year and look forward to the opportunity to get away for a couple of weeks in order to recharge the batteries. You may consider yourselves to be somewhat independent and love to take to the caravan whenever the opportunity arises, but if you’re getting ready to set out on your annual break, you don’t want to leave anyone behind. This can sometimes be a bit of a challenge with your trusty four-legged friend and you may not be certain if you can take your dog to your destination holiday park. Read More»

Simple But Important Tips for Keeping Your Caravan Clean

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Keeping your caravan clean, inside and out, is important for more than just your comfort; unchecked dirt, mud, excess moisture, and other such elements can cause damage to the caravan over time. Giving the caravan a good cleaning also gives you a chance to inspect it from top to bottom, looking for anything that needs maintenance or repairs. Note some simple but very important tips for keeping your home’s caravan clean and well-maintained. Read More»

Two steps you should take prepare for an upcoming camping trip

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Camping is a fun and budget-friendly way to explore a new place and enjoy some quality time with your friends and family. However, it does require a little more preparation than a typical hotel resort holiday. Here are two steps you should take to prepare yourself for a camping trip. Give your ‘accommodation’ some TLC Before you head away on a camping trip, it’s a good idea to give your ‘accommodation’ (that is, your tent or camper trailer) some TLC, to ensure that it is ready for your holiday. Read More»