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Best Camping Equipment: 6 Cool Camping Gears and Supplies

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Are you ready for your adventure in the wild? Before you start your trip, it is essential to note all the camping equipment you need. Camping stores are full of a wide array of supplies, and you can be carried away easily. You might buy unwanted gears, and probably leave out the most crucial ones. 

The specific camping gears are chosen depending on several factors. These include their quality level, camping duration, weather and of course, the budget. The essential equipment that at least every camper should have includes:

1. Camping tent

A tent provides portable shelter for the campers. Tents come in different sizes, shapes and even colours, and thus it is upon you to choose depending on your specific needs. The best tent should be waterproof and of high quality to avoid getting torn easily. It should also be stable enough to avoid being affected by strong winds or poor weather.

2. Sleeping mattress or cot

The surface in the wilderness is not comfortable. Sleeping mats, cots and air mattresses give campers the additional comfort they need during the camping period. All mattresses should not only be portable, but also be padded enough to support the weight of the campers.

3. First aid kit

Most camping sites lack medical health facilities around them. To be on the safe side, pack a safety kit to help in case one of you gets an injury. The kit should be well-stocked to treat all minor injuries and animal bites, and to stop serious bleeding. If you have children around, be sure to carry enough band-aid and insect repellents.

4. Reliable cooking device

Many cooking methods can be used during camps. Although stove is the most used, the key here is to ensure that the cooking method is reliable. The device you use should also be versatile and easy to set up. You may not rely on campfires in Australia during the summer season, as most of them are banned during that period.

5. Lantern and flashlight

Most camping sites do not have streetlights. Although some provide lanterns, it is essential to carry your own. There are many types of lanterns, including the fuelled and battery-powered ones. 

6. A shovel

You will probably need to dig holes, clear the campsite, fix up fire logs or squash the giant spiders. A shovel provides a handy solution to this. It also helps to dig temporary toilet facilities if need be.                          

Camping is an excellent way to escape from everyday life pressures. Ensure that you carry the necessary equipment to avoid spoiling the fun. In addition to the above camping equipment list, the following might also be helpful: a map, backpack, sunscreen, tap and water bottles.