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How to Determine Whether You Can Take Your Family Dog to a Holiday Park

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You and your family work hard throughout the year and look forward to the opportunity to get away for a couple of weeks in order to recharge the batteries. You may consider yourselves to be somewhat independent and love to take to the caravan whenever the opportunity arises, but if you're getting ready to set out on your annual break, you don't want to leave anyone behind. This can sometimes be a bit of a challenge with your trusty four-legged friend and you may not be certain if you can take your dog to your destination holiday park. Is it possible and what do you have to bear in mind before packing Fido's suitcase?

The Good News

A number of excellent holiday parks across Australia do indeed accept pets, subject to a variety of different conditions. You need to refer to the specific rules and regulations posted by each site, but in general here is what you need to consider. 

Typical Regulations

Before you make any reservations, pick up the phone and talk to the park in question to get reassurance that your dog will be welcome. You may have to pay a security deposit in some cases, but always remember that acceptance is at the manager's discretion. If your dog is particularly big, boisterous or noisy, then you may not be able to take them this time, but if eligible you will be required to sign an agreement with the facility first.

Being in Control

If your dog is supposed to be on a leash, then you will need to keep it suitably restrained during your stay at the park. If he or she was allowed to wander this could cause a nuisance to other campers and you don't want that type of situation to arise. Nevertheless, keep the collar on your dog with relevant ID at all times, just in case your pet should get loose.

Safety First

For your own peace of mind, do some research to find out where the nearest veterinarian is. You probably won't need them, but it's good to know if you have to make a decision in a hurry.

Keep an eye on the pet if you're in a part of this great land that is known for ticks. If you do go to some woodland and the animal picks up a tick, you need to know how to treat it as quickly as possible when you get back to the caravan.

Cleaning up

It almost goes without saying, but you have to practice good etiquette when you're at the caravan site with your dog and in particular, you need to pick up any mess that it might make promptly and dispose of it in a receptacle provided by the park.


If you have any particular questions, don't be afraid to pick up the phone and call the holiday park, so that you are all on the same page before you set off for your big adventure.