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Simple But Important Tips for Keeping Your Caravan Clean

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Keeping your caravan clean, inside and out, is important for more than just your comfort; unchecked dirt, mud, excess moisture, and other such elements can cause damage to the caravan over time. Giving the caravan a good cleaning also gives you a chance to inspect it from top to bottom, looking for anything that needs maintenance or repairs. Note some simple but very important tips for keeping your home's caravan clean and well-maintained.

Using the right products

Never assume that cleaning products and tools you use for home will be the right ones for a caravan. A cleanser for a porcelain shower in your home's bathroom may be too scratchy for a soft plastic caravan shower, and floor cleaner meant for a home's laminate floor tiles may dry and damage a caravan's soft rubber flooring. Shop a local caravan supplies store to get the right cleansers and tools needed for your caravan's cleaning and maintenance in particular.


It's good to always ventilate your caravan, and especially after cleaning it. The smaller space of a caravan can mean that moisture and humidity are more likely to get trapped inside, leading to water damage and mould. When cleaning, you may leave floors or surfaces wet, and this can also mean more humidity inside the caravan. Those cleaning fumes can also be very bothersome! Open the roof vent and windows or keep the door open during and after cleaning, and don't close them until the surfaces are thoroughly dry.

Ignoring the roof and other such surfaces

If water is left to sit on a caravan's roof, this can cause damage to the body, as that water may seep into small holes or in between connectors, causing the frame to weaken or allowing mould to form. That water may also seep into the roof vent and make its way into the caravan interior. Dirt, mud, and standing water left along the window's frames can also cause water damage and eventual mould.

If your caravan doesn't have a ladder that allows you access to the roof or to easily see over the tops of the windows, it's good to invest in one. Be sure you also clean the interior spaces that are easy to ignore, such as under the sink or around the storage area that holds propane and water tanks; this will ensure there is no damage in these areas that could indicate a water leak, and will give you a chance to inspect all hoses and other connections.